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We at Amazon Book Publishers empower all types of authors to leverage the publishing revolution through convenient self publishing on Amazon KDP and other renowned platforms. Acquire affordable publishing services to begin 2024 as an Indie author.

Be your own publisher

The Amazon Book Publishers gives you control over your book’s content, design, price, audience, and advertising.

Self-publish easily

Publish print and digital formats in three simple steps, and see your book appear on Amazon stores around the world in 72 hours.

Earn more

Earn up to 70% royalty and offer your eBook on The Amazon Book Publishers Unlimited by enrolling in The Amazon Book Publishers Select.

take control

Retain ownership of your content, publish on your schedule, and set your own list prices.

Share your story

Publish in different formats to reach more readers in their preferred way to read.


Upload your manuscript and distribute your eBook in Kindle Stores around the world. Reach even more readers with Kindle Unlimited.

Print books

Bring your book to life in paperback and hardcover formats. KDP will print your books on demand and ship them to customers around the world.

Kindle Vella

Publish serialized stories, one short episode at a time. Available to US-based authors to publish in English.

Our Services

Experience Effortless Book Publishing


Our team of writers specializes in creating captivating narratives that align with your vision. With our expertise, we bring your ideas to life ensuring an engaging and authentic story unfolds.


Elevate the quality of your manuscript with our editing services. Our experienced editors enhance clarity, coherence, and style ensuring that your work reaches its potential.

Book Editing

Enjoy the publishing process with our guidance. From transforming your manuscript into a professional-looking book, to navigating accessibility we are here to support you every step of the way.

Book Marketing

Amplify the visibility of your book. Expand its reach with our marketing solutions. Our tailored services connect you directly with readers maximizing the impact and exposure of your work.

Publish multiple types of books

Get your book up to the ranks of bestsellers in 2024

Take your book to the top with a 60% discount at The Amazon Book Publishers.

Amazon Book Publishers believes in customer-centric approaches to the publishing processes. We have designed a simple roadmap to facilitate our authors from sign-up to project completion. Our dedicated project managers keep you updated and informed throughout the process, giving due value to your feedback and approvals on every line, phrase, and chapter. Enjoy transparency and dedication with the best publishing services near you.

Our publishing process starts when you sign up for Amazon Book Publishers’ services. We acquire the necessary details, exchange service agreements, and establish your account with a dedicated project manager.

Your project manager takes your project details and assigns the most suitable team. The team crafts a detailed project scope with a clear purpose and target audience. The scope includes a structured outline, timeline, and milestones for the project.

After getting approval on the project scope, the assigned ghostwriter or editor prepares a refined manuscript for your book. We ensure close collaboration to incorporate your feedback and approvals throughout the writing process.

We ensure the refined manuscript has the uniqueness of your tone and style. After that, the project moves to our professional designers/illustrators, who work on eye-catching book covers and illustrations that reflect your book’s essence.

Once the manuscript is free of errors, our skilled formatters take over to make it presentable according to the standards of international publishing platforms. Our formatting and typesetting services cater to the layouts for both print and digital versions.

Once you are satisfied with the final manuscript in professional book form, we publish it on Amazon KDP, Walmart, Apple Books, and other platforms as per your selected package. Our marketing services leverage the best strategies to maximize visibility and sales.

Amazon Book Publishers, our dedication is to provide on-time, quality services for successful Amazon Book Publishing. Whether corporate or individual, new or veteran, we guarantee efficiency and excellence. Fill up the form to enjoy our tailored solutions.

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